Ecological and environmental management business ombudsman Mr. Neverov explained why an investment specialist was appointed to deal with waste management on a show broadcasted on NSN. Prime Minister of Russian Federation Mr. Mikhail Mishustin appointed Mr. Ilya Gudkov as the Director General of the Russian Ecological Operator (REO). He was appointed for three years. Business ombudsman for ecology and nature management Mr. Ildar Neverov pointed out what exactly is expected from the new head of REO. “This is the system operator of our waste reform. We do not see ourselves no longer in this industry without such an integrator. And once a new person arrives, a person with experience, with a bunch of good projects behind them, we hope that this will give the industry the necessary impulse. We have not met in the waste fields before. But the waste industry is not “narrowly specific” these days, on the contrary it is open to investment projects. He is not a “waste person”, but an experienced investor.”
The authorities of the capital region explained the early transition to separate collection of waste. According to Mr. Neverov, significant changes have been expected in the waste industry since last fall, but no changes happened. “The main reason for problems with goal-setting in REO is related to the concept of extended responsibility of manufacturers. Unfortunately, a year ago the emphasis was on the construction of new landfills and burial sites. But we had to look a little further and put emphasis on recycling facilities that would help us destroy this waste. I hope that from now on this concept will be in demand and this will bring financing and structural work”, – the interlocutor of the NSN concluded.
Recall that in November 2019 former head of Russian government Mr. Dmitry Medvedev prematurely dismissed the former director general of the Russian environmental operator Mr. Denis Butsaev.

Source of the article: Rambler