Our mission is to make sure you always have in use the best equipment for your purposes. Old technology may still work, but with moderate changes it could have the potential for much more. SETCleanTech works closely with customers to identify ways to improve their equipment’s productivity and efficiency levels by bringing new technological solutions and their benefits into use.

New technological solutions offer savings in maintenance and running costs such as power consumption. Major changes in handled materials might also be the starting point for a modernization project. Modernization projects are always executed in close cooperation with the customer and with the support of our design and R&D departments.

Improve your existing process and increase its productivity by modernization designed and carried out by SETCleanTech experts. Whether you need to:

  • Change the process to fit new material
  • Increase the safety level
  • Boost the capacity
  • Produce better fuel quality

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Our experts will design the right solution for you. Modernizations are carried out in close co-operation with the customer, R&D professionals and design experts from SETCleanTech team.