Huge experience of the SETCleanTech team, combining specialists with 40 years of experience in specialized sectors, expert and professional knowledge, rationality and technological solutions from SETCleanTech, is the key to the successful implementation of new and high-tech equipment in your enterprise and in your region.

SETCleanTech carries out design, delivery, turnkey construction, warranty and post-warranty service and planned maintenance of closed-cycle plants for handling MSW.

The technological chain of our projects includes:

The application of SRF for the production of heat and electricity, as well as in cement kilns, guarantees minimum emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, meeting all European requirements in terms of performance. The proposed boiler houses and CHP plants based on circulating fluidized bed technology provide, in addition to environmental friendliness, the highest efficiency and profitability.

Benefits of the SETCleanTech’s sustainability concept

in comparison with incineration
SETCleanTech’s ’waste-to-energy’-technology
Waste incineration plant


0,619 t/a
0,71 t/a

Dioxins and furans

0,0074 ng/m3
0,07 ng/m3

NOx (nitrogen oxides)

44,2 t/a
390 t/a

Cd (cadmium)

0,1 kg/a
0,78 kg/a (Cd+Ti)

Hg (mercury)

0,07 kg/a
0,72 kg/a

SO2 (sulphur dioxide)

0,475 t/a
11,6 t/a