Main task

The new and also most of the old landfills cause serious environmental problems, since, together with rainwater and landfill, toxic and nutrient materials enter both groundwater and nearby open water bodies, causing pollution and eutrophication of water bodies and land. Landfills also negatively affect the comfort of people who live nearby – odors, gases, pests, fires, pathogens, etc. – and also cause potential health risks. The most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly methods of remediation, handling biogas and landfill filtrate are needed.

SETCleanTech with its partners has extensive experience in designing landfill remediation – in Finland, more than 100 pcs. The applied, proven in practice, high-quality and durable drainage materials of European origin and modern methods, together with careful monitoring of work, guarantee a reliable result and short deadlines for remediation.

Municipalities, together with regional operators, seek to evaluate and apply the most rational options for landfill remediation in order to maximize the environmental impact and, on the other hand, ensure the profitability of investments. Necessary activities:

  • Ecological sustainable landfill closure, rainwater abstraction and collection and treatment of landfill leachate.
  • Landfill gas collection and use:
    • On-site burning gas in a flare (with small amounts of gas).
    • On-site generating heat and electricity from gas.
    • On-site using purified gas as a transport fuel for vehicles (buses, trucks, taxis).
  • Transformation of a stabilized and ecologically reclaimed landfill into:
    • An active leisure park for local residents (with trails for cycling, for sports walking and running, skiing, physical education, etc.) and even a golf field.
    • A landscape park or similar.

Benefits Achieved

  • Prevention of emissions of methane and other greenhouse gases, groundwater pollution by leachate. Eliminate odor, pathogens, pests and clogging.
  • Improving the health and comfort of local people.
  • Increase the usable land for construction around the landfill by reducing the sanitary area (for commercial construction or housing). Example:
    • Around the landfill, with an area of ​​50 hectares, it is necessary to provide a sanitary zone with a width of 1,000 m (= approx. 682 ha).
    • After environmental stabilization, remediation, collection and disposal of landfill gas, as well as proper drainage of rainwater and collection and cleaning of the filter, the width of the sanitary zone of the landfill can be reduced to 100 meters => the new available building area is 600 hectares.
  • Electricity and heat produced on methane for own needs or for sale.

Main stages

  • Preliminary feasibility study, including a visit to the facility (landfill).
  • Field measurement of landfill gas production potential.
  • Preparation of an engineering solution for gas collection and use, landfill remediation, as well as rainwater drainage infrastructure and the collection and treatment of leachate.
  • The decision to use gas.
  • Construction of a landfill gas collection system, stabilization and landfill remediation.
  • Construction of rainwater and leachate infrastructure.
  • The construction of an active recreation park