Our storage solutions are the outcome of intense product development, designed with several important functions in mind.

Whether we are talking about a silo or an A-frame storage or even an outdoor storage facility for non-dusty material, even flow in and out is an important factor.

TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers

TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers are designed for automatic discharging of material from silos and round oper-air storages. They provide an even flow of material from the storage to fit the boiler’s demand.
TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers are ideal for handling biomass fuels, such as wood chips, bark, agro biomass, sludge and pellets, as well as peat and SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel).

Main advantages

  • heavy-duty construction to ensure a long lifetime,
  • equipped with fixed or replaceable teeth,
  • specially designed teeth for demanding applications available,
  • easy access to service points and simple maintenance,
  • central lubrication unit and
  • simple and inexpensive foundations.

TYRANNOSAURUS® Traversing Screw Reclaimers

TYRANNOSAURUS® Traversing Screw Reclaimers are ideal for automatic reclaiming of fuel from high-volume storages. They are suitable for e.g. biomass fuels, such as wood chips, bark, agro biomass and peat, as well as SRF/RDF. Traversing Screw Reclaimers secure an even flow of material out of the storage and are adjustable to fit process-specific capacity requirements.

There are two types of TYRANNOSAURUS® Traversing Screw Reclaimers..

The LPD model is designed for reclaiming material from rectangular storage silos, A-frame storage buildings, open-air piles and receiving bins.
The LPA model is designed for larger storage systems where a more extensive reclamation area is required. It is provided with supporting rail and drive arrangements in a machinery tunnel.

Main advantages

  • heavy-duty construction to ensure a long lifetime,
  • constructed from materials and equipped with special linings which best suit the use,
  • screws with replaceable teeth for demanding needs,
  • easy access to service points,
  • central lubrication unit and
  • maximum traversing length even up to 300 m.

A-Frame Storages

Thanks to their huge volume, A-Frame Storages are the most efficient storage systems in maintaining an even fuel quality. They operate on a First in, First out principle and are equipped with TYRANNOSAURUS® Traversing Screw Reclaimers LPD or LPA.

A-Frame Storages have volumes ranging up to 100 000 m3. They can be nearly 20 m wide and typically max 120 m in length.

Silo Storages

Silo Storages are typically built with a steel roof and concrete or steel walls and equipped with a fuel distributor on top of the silo. They can be nearly 30 m in diameter and have volumes ranging up to 10 000 m3. Round storage silos are equipped with TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers and have several advantages as a storage system.


  • First of all, the storage building comes in a compact layout. It requires only a small footprint, yet it has a large storage volume.
  • Secondly, the storage is a completely closed structure, which means it creates no smell, dust or spillage.
  • The third advantage is related to the fuel flow in and out of the storage. The silo has a First in, First out working principle, which not only secures the fuel quality but also increases safety by significantly reducing
    the risk of self-combustion.
  • Fourthly comes homogenising the fuel quality. As fuel layers piling up in the storage are seldom equal in terms of general quality or moisture, it is vital to get a good mixture of all the layers. Thanks to the structure of the silo and the working principle of the rotating screw reclaimer on the bottom of it, the general quality as well as the moisture content within the fuel are balanced.
  • Finally, the fifth advantage of the silo is providing an even and controlled material flow. The reclaiming is automated and adapted to the demand set by the following process. The structure of the storage is designed to prevent the fuel from forming an arch. This guarantees a constant material flow for the screw reclaimer.