In addition to Receiving Solutions, Shredders and Crushers, Separation Equipment, Storage Solutions and Conveyors we also sell other individual products, which don’t fall into any of the before mentioned categories.

Rotary Feeders

Rotary Feeders are widely used in feeding and dosing fine-grained and dusty materials in various processes. They are always custom designed to meet specific applications and materials.

Rotary Feeders feed e.g. SRF, biomass, coal or fly ash into a power boiler and, at the same time, act partially as a lock to prevent the back-flow of gases and flames. They also serve as a dosing feeder at the silo outlet to prevent the uncontrolled discharge of material out of the silo.

Main advantages

  • modular robust design with standard components,
  • reliable in operation,
  • totally enclosed dust-tight and safe construction,
  • easy installation and
  • minor need for maintenance.

Sample Taking System

Reliable sample taking is the basis for fulfilling the requirements laid by authorities. It also sets the correct price for the fuel. Manual sampling typically creates a measuring error of 5-10 %. BMH has developed a standardised, automatic sample taking system, which gives exact information, precludes contamination, homogenises the load, and gives the right price to the fuel. Weighing can be integrated with the conveyors around the sampling station.

At predefined intervals, the sampler takes whole cross-sections of material from the conveyor. The samples go through the crusher and end up in the mixing tank. This is where the final sample is taken.

Finally, the remaining fuel is returned into the system.

Stoker Reclaimer

The Stoker Reclaimer is used for receiving biofuels and SRF.  It is a straightforward and reliable solutions for power plants and has low maintenance costs, excellent wear resistance and high availability. The Stoker Reclaimer empties itself from top down and discharges evenly.

Ash Screen

The Ash Screen is used for improving and enhancing the boiler ‘s sand consumption by recycling the bottom ash fraction with correct particle size and returning it back into the boiler. This process significantly reduces the amount of needed additional sand for the boiler bed.

The Ash Screen can separate the removed bottom ash into two or three fractions; fine, accept and coarse. Coarse particles are considered to be over ø6mm and they will be separated and moved to an ash container.

It is also possible to separate fines but normally this fraction is included in the accepted fraction, which is returned, after screening, into the sand silo for further use.

Ash Crusher

The Ash Crusher LCA is used in grate fired boilers for reducing the particle size of coarse bottom ash removed from the grate. This coarse fraction is generally lumps of mixed minerals and unburned material. The crusher produces approx. 20 mm particle size

The Ash Crusher can also be used in recovery boilers for particle size reduction of lime for further processing.