Receiving stations are the first step on the fuels’ journey. Sometimes they constitute a small temporary storage as well.
Receiving needs to be quick and safe, and it must allow for a big capacity.


A production process can only reach its full potential when it is optimally fed. Disruptions in feeding may result it production breaks which in their turn can cause losses in revenues. This is why an adaptive feeding system is of such importance.
BMH has delivered hundreds of receiving stations to dozens of countries. There are many different ways of unloading, often depending partly on the vehicles common in the country or region. We can handle them all.

TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders are designed for receiving untreated material. They are typically combined with a TYRANNOSAURUS® Shredder or a TYRANNOSAURUS® BioCrusher. The feeders are available for different receiving applications, such as overdrive for back-tipping and unloading trucks. Alternatively the feeder can be loaded from the side with a front wheel loader or directly by a bucket crane.

TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders provide an excellent solution for optimising the feeding process. The feeder works both as a buffer and as a feeder for the process and lengthens the loading intervals. Its moving floor continuously feeds an optimum amount of material into the process as it communicates with the shredder / crusher, allowing the process line to always work at maximum capacity. BMH has also developed a patented two-phased feeder, which simultaneously enables both the optimisation of the crusher/shredder feeding and truck unloading in the other end.

The feeding capacity is adjusted according to the level of measurements taken from the shredders hopper. TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders have high availability and low maintenance costs. In addition, they are safe to use and easy to install.

There are also other ways to receive waste. For instance:

  1. Reception from the side. Designed for dump trucks with side tipping
  2. Walk-through reception
  3. Rear unloading and tipping over