Solid Environmental Technologies Oy (SETCleanTech) is a leading European developer and integrator of environmentally and technologically sustainable solutions in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

SETCleanTech is a manufacturer, designer, integrator and a service and turn-key delivery provider for industries in such sectors as the solid municipal waste (MSW), landfill remediation, heat and energy generation.

Our specialists are daily and in constant contact with our customers in Eastern Europe, the CIS countries, China, Central Asia and the Middle East, South and Central America, as well as on the African continent.

The integrator SETCleanTech unites the leading European companies in the field of Clean Technologies (Cleantech). SETCleanTech professionals develop solutions individually case by case, forming a financial model, taking into account the needs and tasks of the customer, the region’s features and guaranteeing the best environmentally, technologically and economically rational solution.


Main activities

Design of integrated landfill remediation

  • Experience of closing and design of remediation of more than 120 landfills in Finland

Design of landfill degassing systems and landfill gas utilization

  • Gas engine and boiler rooms on EU landfill gas production

Design and localized production, construction, warranty and after-warranty service and scheduled maintenance of facilities “SRF-to-Energy” from EPS to EPC

  • district “fluidized bed” boilers on SRF (from 4 Gcal per hour (5 MW term))
  • Fluidized bed thermal power station on SRF (from 10 MW electricity)
  • Joint production of a full cycle

Design, supply, turnkey construction, warranty and post-warranty service and planned maintenance of TYRANNOSAURUS “Waste-to-SRF” plants

  • Capacity from 10 to 40 tons of MSW per hour on 1 line per shift (4,000 hours per year)
  • Modularity of plants
  • 100% process automation
  • Patent Technology Solutions
  • Unique technology
  • Mechanical protection, increased performance
  • Over 250 references in the world

Industrial fossil fuel substitution projects

  • SRF for cement plants

Soil remediation projects

SETCleanTech offers the most suitable solution, regardless of the profile of your business or service: regional MSW operator, heat and power generation company, cement producer, an investor, concessionaire, regional or federal authority, at each level of the chain SETCleanTech’s solution will bring financial and environmental benefit and optimization.

One of the main goals of SETCleanTech is to help reduce the harmful effects of MSW on human health and the environment, to increase the share of waste utilization and minimize waste disposal at landfills.

SETCleanTech is an integrator of comprehensive waste management solutions that include technological solutions for the automated separation of MSW fractions and the production of SRF solid recovered fuel.

Solid fuel from household waste is made from non-hazardous waste. Solid waste, industrial, commercial, construction waste and construction waste, sewage sludge, etc. are used in the production.

The Interstate Standard covers all types of solid fuel from household waste and has a wide scope, describes the rules by which solid fuel from household waste should be classified in accordance with the classification system.

SRF fuel is used as an auxiliary fuel for cement kilns or as fuel in boiler houses or thermal power plants with incinerators and stage fluidized bed gasifiers.